Friday, May 11, 2007

Adventures in Knitting

Adventures in knitting....

You'd think doing a pattern with ONLY knit and purl would be the easiest, right? WRONG. I had to rip out the same row at least 3 times before finally getting it right. Then, I had to recount my stitches to find out where I was....ONLY knit and purl. It took me a bit longer than I anticipated to finish, but it was finally done. Can't post it, cause guess what. Yep, it's for another exchange.

I'd give them away, but it's a long story.

As you know, I've been crocheting granny squares. This blanket is only supposed to take 7 days. Yeah right. If that's all I did for 7 days, I'd have it done. It gets old making granny after granny after granny after granny after...

Ok, better now. Yeah, funny, I had to knit to get a break from those never ending granny squares. Then I had to ask myself WHY I was killing myself to get this blanket done. It's not like anyone is going to use it for at least 4 or 5 months. I don't know of anyone having a baby boy anytime soon. So I decided to take a break for now. I've been on a knitting craze ever since.

I apologize, my first love knitting. I have went astray, but you called me back. I will only "dabble" from now on, and never forsake you again.

Ok, so I don't know if anyone else has ADD of knitting like I do. I am working on a shawl, some cloths, always bookmarks. I have a blanket on the "hook" and a few more projects brewing. I was actually considering how long it would take to knit up a few placemats and potholders...I need a camera bag.. a cell phone cozy....what else??? Maybe a bath mat. I want to knit some sweaters for my baby boy for winter. He'll probably be able to fit into a 2T by then. I want to knit all my kids a blanket by winter (that would be 5!, but small ones).

I'm also working on charting designs for dishcloths. Once I have it nailed down, watch out! I have some good ideas, I think. I'm going to keep them in "series" so they all kinda go together. Then I want to design some lace bookmarks. I figure bookmarks are easier because they are smaller, but that might just make them harder!
Got a lot of things brewing, been thinking about, and working on. I want to post a design soon...I'll keep you posted!

This is going to be one busy summer, with my adventures in knitting!

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