Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Crocheted Flower Coasters

I have been busy, though I haven't been posting. Seems like I got the Exchange Bug, you know, where you make something, send it to some unsuspecting individual, and get something better in return! NO, that's not really the reason I do exchanges. It is fun knitting up something, then going shopping for the extra goodies to stuff in the puffy! Plus, it is a thrill when the mailman drops off a package. The kids are as excited as I am. I may have to let them open one once in awhile.

I digress. The reason for not posting is that I CAN'T!!!! I can't show off my exchanges ahead of time. But in the last week I've done 2 granny squares, a bookmark, and 3 dishcloths. I've also been making mini granny squares for a blanket, which I will post about later.

These are the flower coasters I crocheted. They are actually orange and green, like a carrot!

Keep Knitting!!

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