Monday, April 2, 2007

Molly Dishcloth and unfinished business

It seems I have been having a terrible time of knitting anything these days. I can't count, can't keep track...I have to keep's horrible.

I started the Molly Dishcloth yesterday, had to frog and start over. Which I did, and picked it up today, and frog frog again. So I was going pretty good, almost half way done, when I had to go back a row, when my dear dear son finished frogging it for me! Isn't life great????

Come to find out, there is a mistake in the dishcloth over half way that would have driven me nuts, so I'm going to forego this venture and start another. Hopefully, it will work out.

In the meantime, I have two dishcloth KAL's and a bookmark I should be working on. I am working up the courage to knit a bag, and get the materials for a poncho soon. I want to knit a spring/summer poncho so I will actually wear it, so I have to decide what yarn I want to use. Probably a strand or two of sportweight or baby weight, probably Red Heart baby or something inexpensive. I just wish the colors weren't so pastel.

So I think I'm just going to start this new cloth tonight and see what happens...there's nothing good on TV...and post it if it ever gets done.

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Hi Anita!
Seems we all have those bad knitting days where we just cannot get it right! I like the cloths you knit, especially the ones with yellow. So cheery!
Take care and keep up the good knitting!