Sunday, April 1, 2007

Butterflies and 3-1 Checked cloth

Ok, so I've been busy this weekend. Unfortunately, it took me forever to knit these two dishcloths, but I finally got them done! You'd think a cloth as simple as the 3-1 checked cloth is, I could knit it up in less than a day. But no! I had to frog row upon row several times. That's what happens when you knit tired!

So I feel accomplished now. I have two more almost in progress, plus my KAL's. I'll start those in the next day or so, I like to knit more than four-ten rows at once. But I will start before the end of the KAL so I can be surprised by what the pattern is.

So, without more fanfare, here are the cloths I knitted this weekend.

This one is called Spring Butterflies . I found it very easy to knit, but it was huge! I cut out the last repeat, and I bound off way to loose, but besides that, it looks great.

The other cloth is called 3in 1 Check
similar to the ballband, but slightly different. I like the looks of this cloth, but it gave me grief! I also cut out the last repeat, and it is a nice size for me. I don't really like really big dishcloths, just big enough to fit on my hand. I can't wait to use these.

I will post soon with more finished projects.

Keep knitting!


Tea said...

Hi Anita, love your blog and sense of humor. Great pictures of your work.

Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

jaime said...

Very cute cloths... I need to start a couple for tv watching tonight, i think :D

hakucho said...

Very pretty cloths!

happy knitting :)

LDSVenus said...

I love the butterfly dishcloth, they are my favorite things, next to ferrets (meerkats etc :P). I can see what you mean about the pattern being rather large. I think I will for go the last repeat as well. I like the color as well. Good choice. :)

Bev Schweigert said...

I love the Spring one with butterflies! I'm not a knitter, but I love your blog! My 13 yo daughter started a couple months ago and made a head band and plans to make a couple other things as well.