Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yeah, I've been lax. Not really. I've been extremely busy lately. I've quite my job and started a new business! So that's been keeping me really busy.

To the KAL's I belong to: I'll admit I don't start them until they are almost done. I can't knit just a few rows. I want to see real progress. Also, I have knitted a few items that I just didn't like (sigh) so had to rip out the entire cloth. So I've decided to wait and play catch up. I did not do the MonthlyDishcloths KAL this month. Come to find out it was three crosses, which is beautiful, but I don't celebrate Easter....anyway.

The same thing for my Bookmarks KAL. I got about halfway through, and it was really repetitive for me. Plus, it didn't look all that great. I might do it with some heavier yarn, probably sportweight instead of crochet cotton.

I have finished a bookmark for an exchange. It's quite beautiful, I must say, but I cannot post it yet, until whoever gets it gets it, get it?

I'm also working on a purse. I kept trying to do a 3 cable purse, but it just didn't look right at all. So I scrapped that one and started a simple garter stitch bag that is almost halfway done. I've already done one side and am working on the other. The strap/gusset will be quick too. So hopefully, I can get that done by this weekend. I want to try another bag, called the Lucy Bag, but the pattern is for sale only, so that will have to wait.

I'm also on a stitchmarker exchange group, so whipped up a set of stitchmarkers on Sunday. I didn't get a pic of those, hopefully my partner can post one!

So I've been busy, making progress, but it's slow and steady. I hope to post more pics real soon.

Keep Knitting!

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