Friday, July 20, 2012

FO Pics!

It seems like I haven't been around lately. But I have been busy busy busy. You'd think camping would give you lots of time to knit.  Surprisingly I haven't had as much time as I first thought I would. I packed so many projects that I wanted (and thought) I would get done, and I'm behind on my monthly goals. Go figure!
My last post was in May, a quickie post. So let's see what I've been up to since then.
I made three cowls: Prickle, Peach Petal, and Owl Cowl. I made a pair of Fingerless gloves: Owlings. I also made 2 pair of socks: Socks of Kindness and Gull Wings. I am still behind in my socks goals, but I will catch up with the other goals I have set. I just need to buckle down and knit!

These are my Gull Wing socks made with KP Imagination in the colorway Castle Walls. This was very quick and fun to knit, the repeats were easily memorized. I made this during the heat wave and at one point, thought I was felting the yarn just by knitting it!

The Owl Cowl. I love how this turned out, and I think it was a one day project. I used Malabrigo. the buttons I got from Wal-Mart and I think they complement the design nicely.

Owlings. These mitts were fast and fun and easy to make. I only added buttons to one "owl" on each mitt since I didn't have enough, but I like how it looks. The yarn is Malabrigo in a yummy Pumpkin colorway. The pics don't do it justice!

This is Prickle, a mobius reversible cowl. I tried 3 different yarns before settling on Malabrigo (again!!!). It went fast once I got the right yarn for the pattern. The edging took forever, but it turned out nice. I used most of a skein of yarn.

Finally, my Socks of Kindness made from Lang Jawoll Bambus.  I didn't really like the yarn, but the pattern was fairly easy. I did an extra repeat on the cuff, so it's pretty long. I like how it turned out.

As you can see, I've been busy knitting, just not blogging. Knitting has been keeping me occupied in the hot days. We don't watch TV anymore, so sometimes it's hard to knit (I like to knit while I watch TV) but I still manage. 
I'm glad it's cooling off a bit. We had a heat wave last week that was killer. It rained a few days ago, and today it's been very  nice with a brisk breeze and lower temps (and humidity! the humidity leaves you feeling like a wet rag at the end of the day). I hope to get caught up on my current goals so I can start on some of my other projects and get some more of my queue pared down.

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