Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sucess! January Roundup

I finished all my goals for the month of January!! Yay! One month down, only 11 more to go! Can I do it? We'll see if I have still have this mojo in a few months.

I did finish my Pinstripe Socks. I did a shortrow heel. KP's Imagination in Evil Stepmother was my yarn of choice. These were a very quick and easy knit. I like them, and they fit well.
I also wanted to join the Fingerless Glove Fanatics group on Ravelry on knitting 2012 pairs of Fingerless gloves in 2012. I only plan on contributing 12, but I may do more. Some gals have already knit three or four pair. Since mittens don't count, I decided to make the January KAL. I used Baby Ull in this cheery orange color. 

My 11 yr old is the model for these. I used a size 2, and they are even a bit baggy on me. I must be a VERY loose knitter. All the other finished projects describe these as slightly tight. Hmmm. That's ok. They will work well when I practice the piano in the cold garage! 

So the roundup for January, just a reminder of my knitting accomplishments
  • Jan Cowl
  • Pinstripe Socks
  • Icewine Mittens
  • Straightforward Mitts
  • Simply Slouchy Hat
I feel very good about this past month and all I got finished! I am even working on projects I started in 2010 (the last time I knit in earnest!). These projects will be my in-between or need a break projects. I know I can whip out a pair of FG's, a hat, and a cowl in a matter of days. Socks take a bit more, and I want to finish my Pink Rivers soon.
See you in February!! .

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