Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving to the Country….

Gonna eat a lot of peaches. Remember that song from the Presidents of the USA? Oh, maybe mid to late 90’s? Nice song, huh?

So the big news is that we are moving. From North Central Indiana to Central New York state. Back to my hubby’s roots. With his plethora of family. It will be good.

Why are we moving? Mainly economic reasons with others thrown in. We get free medical care over there (he’s 1/4 Native American) that includes dental, medical, and health. And I know some of my kids may need braces. Also, the amount of family over there is overwhelming. We’ve been struggling here since my Dad went south about an hour. I really want my kids to have the strong family bonds and sense of self within that family. Right now we are kind of like fish out of water, floundering and trying to find our way. It will be refreshing to get back there.

This decision was kind of abrupt. Since the last post, even. So now we are getting packed and throwing away tons of stuff. Hard to believe we accumulate this much junk in only a few years. I can’t really say when my next post will be….

Oh yeah, I may be able to go to Rhinebeck. Yay!!!


But I have been knitting!! I finished my August socks. They  went quickly and were super easy. They fit great and are super warm.

I made a bookmark out of the leftover yarn. It’s for my Dad’s girlfriend who loves to read. She has medical issues and one hand is slightly paralyzed. And she used to crochet. So, from one person to another who loves the fiber arts, she really enjoyed it.


The yarn I used is Alpaca Sox.  Imagine a bigger pair knitted in rib for my August socks.

I also finally got the yarn to finish my big shrug. I should be done today sometime. I sure could have used it this past weekend. Brrr, it’s been very autumnal here lately. 


If I take pictures of my other stuff, I’ll post soon with info and links etc.


hakucho said...

Good luck with your move :)

Briley said...

Good luck with the move. It will be good to have family near by.

Moonlit Goddess said...

I will miss you, but you got to do what's right for the family. Good luck with the move.

Timiae said...

How fun! Or, not fun, depending on how much you like packing/unpacking. Moving to a new state is pretty exciting though. Have fun and be safe moving.