Monday, August 10, 2009


We went camping over the weekend. It was kind of poorly planned, but it did happen.

My oldest daughter is 9 today. Yay!! My dad wanted to camp out at the lake to celebrate her birthday and I really needed the reason to destress. It was delightful!

We got there late and had to eat in the dark (which is after 10 around these parts) but it was fun. Hubby, the 3 youngest boys, and I slept in the tent. There was a nice breeze so it wasn’t bad at all. Except for the mosquitoes. My kids look like connect the dots and my legs itch something horrible.

My 6 yr old stayed up until 4 am with my dad’s girlfriend. I fell asleep around 2 am but did not sleep well at all. So I was very tired the next day. The kids went swimming and we ate melted ice cream cake (don’t get an ice cream cake when you’re camping. Especially if it’s over 90 degrees). Everyone was tired, grumpy, and hot.

This weekend was the  hottest weather we’ve had since the end of June. Yep, weird weather. So last night I made the living room a “den” with the window AC and we all slept in there, nice and cool. It was fun!

I don’t have any projects to show right now. Or any pics of our trip. In our rush to get out of here, I left my camera. Too bad since it was really fun to watch the kids in the lake.

I did manage to start my second sock for August and knit a few inches. It’s very hard to knit when you have a one year old walking around and you have to keep jumping up to save his life. I wanted to take the dog leash and collar and use that to keep him corralled a bit more but I think that would have been a bad idea. LOL. I would never do something like that, really! 

Our next camping trip might be on Labor Day, and that one should be more fun with more planning. And hopefully I can work some more knitting time in then too.


Denise and Tim Higgins said...

You should have gotten a pen and played connect the dots on your kids arms. lol i'm sure they would have loved that! haha :)

smariek said...

I'm amazed that your 6 yr old could stay awake til 4 AM.