Monday, March 2, 2009

February Update

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but I haven’t been slack. I’ve been busy knitting away.

I did finish my pair of socks for Feb. I did not bind off until March 1, but I call them done anyway.


These look so much nicer this way than on. The hearts stretch and become all wonky, but that’s ok. It’s something I can live with.


See what I mean? I did enjoy making these, though. I did a few mods. The yarn called for was a light fingering, on size 1 or 0 needles. I was not about to mess with that, so I upped the needles to size 2 on sportweight yarn (if Ranco is sportweight, or maybe a heavy fingering?) and cast on 52. I only did 4 pattern repeats around instead of 6 and did a shortrow heel. No need to bother with a heel flap if you don’t have to!  So the second sock was super easy: 3 repeats on the cuff, 4 on the foot. Done!

I cast on for my March socks already and finished the cuff. I have to redo the first row since my count is off, but I was feeling kind of ill last night. I’ll fix it today.


The Pattern is Komet and I am using Saucon Sock in Turquoise. I don’t know if I like this yarn. It’s cotton and acrylic, so it’s inexpensive, but it’s not as soft as Ranco. And it’s kind of splitty. Stay tuned for more on this.

I completed my kitchen set for my Secret Swap. I still need to sew buttons on the towels, but that only takes a few minutes.

I also made this:


Can you guess what the pattern is? Ok, it’s the Clapochet, the crocheted version of the Clapotis. I couldn’t resist when I saw it, and it looks so much like the “real” thing. I used a J hook and 2. 5 skeins of RHSS. (No, I won’t apologize for using acrylic!!) It’s all triple  crochet and goes VERY fast. I finished this in 2 days. It could be a one day project if you are a fast crocheter and don’t get as distracted as I do, LOL.



Lacy Diamonds. Don’t you love how this pooled? It’s like a zig zag of color. Very cool. I wish I could plan these things.


Colorwave cloth. No, the screen isn’t messing with you. There is a glaring error smack dab in the middle. Too bad I didn’t notice until I bound off. And then I probably would not have gone back to fix it. This cloth is unfixable: read frogging only.  I like the texture. It’s soft and spongy.


Citizen Kane (pdf). I knitted this while watching Amazing Race. It’s so easy and pretty quick. I think for best results though, use a larger needle size. My size 6 made a dense fabric and the “rosebuds” can’t show through as well.

Last, I want to show off my goodies from the $10 swap on Ravelry. It’s fun looking at how creative everyone is in sending out cool packages at $10 or less. Some things are totally awesome and very creative.


My package was pink. It may not look like much, but everything had something inside it!


Handmade stitch markers.


Sock yarn and dye.


Erasers for the kids.

I think this was an awesome package. All my containers are reusable and cute. I now have a place to store my DPN’s (I have a lot!) and even a mini notebook. My partner rocked!! Thanks, Margo, aka prlknits on Ravelry!!


I don’t have any hats to show yet. I do have a bunch in mind. I just need more time!! Darn the internet and the constant distraction. Darn Ravelry beckoning me…but I wouldn’t give it up, LOL.

I’ll be back with more soon….


Timiae said...

Everything looks amazing! I love Ranco... if only it were superwash, though. Thanks for the link to the clapochet pattern; will have to look into that. Your swap package is great!

Beth said...

Wow, I am amazed by those socks. You are a knitting machine!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Anita if you frog that cloth I am gonna whack you with my wet noodle. Silly girl just USE it. Don't matter how it looks when it's a washing the dishes now does it?

smariek said...

Great projects, I really like those socks! Creative swap package, that sounds so much more challenging than those $$$ swaps. I keep all my booboo cloths and use them around the house.