Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hat FO’s

Are you tired of seeing my finished hats yet? I’m up to #12 so far, which means I only have 40 more to go! Yay!!!

I’ve been doing lots of knitting. I finished my first sock for Feb and cast on its mate last night at my knitting group. I got through about half the cuff ribbing and should be starting on the heart motifs soon.

I’ve also been working on some projects for my swap in my AtMyHouse Yahoo group. It’s a super secret swap and I haven’t been too motivated to do much of anything. However, I made a kitchen towel. I need to make another one and attach some buttons. I will also make a set of cloths to go along with it. Maybe this weekend….

My birthday was Friday the 13th. It was not too unlucky although our car broke down on Thursday and we were broke. I did more walking that day than I did in 6 months. I’m only just starting to fully recover from shin splints. At least it wasn’t freezing out!

And speaking of freezing, winter is back.  When I left my knitting group the ground had a nice coating of snow. I drove very slow to get home. Today the wind is blowing, the snow is falling, and it’s cold!! I know it will only be a matter of time before I complain about the heat and humidity. I don’t have spring fever yet, so this does not bother me too much. Besides, it’s still February.

Onto my FO’s. Hats!  Hats! Hats!


This is the Pi Topper Chemo Cap. I used I love this Yarn! in cranberry. The pattern is knit from the top down using EZ’s pi.  The band is knit on, and I think took longer than the hat itself. But it’s so cute and comfortable.


Here’s the top so you can see how it increases. only 3 increases, and the rest is knit. I couldn’t try it on, so it’s a little bit big.


And the ceramic button. I had my friends at knitting group help me decide which one to choose. This won hands down .



Dreams of Spring Hat (pdf download). The pattern called for a size 7 needle, which I stuck with. It’s still slightly large, but I really like it.


And the side view. The seed stitch bottom keeps flipping up. I may sew it up inside and that will take a few inches off the length.


And this one is Reasonably Hip (Ravelry link). I do feel hip wearing this. It’s snug and stretchy. I love the brim. The seed stitch took forever, but well worth it. I’m considering making another one, but I will leave out a few rows of the body. My 15 yr old son informed me the brim goes backwards. Guess I’m not so hip, after all. I don’t know a thing about fashion today. Of course, I prefer the grunge style of the early 90’s, but that’s because I like to be comfortable (and slobbish!)

So I have a few dishcloths but I will spare you those. If you really really want to see them, go to my Rav page and check them all out!

I’m going to finish a cowl I cast on last night and work on my socks and St. Albans mitts. I have lots to do on this cold day.


Aunt Kathy said...

When are yu gonna come to NY and teach me colorwork, or at least tell me what I am doing right or wrong??? I have no one to set me straight, LOL

Timiae said...

Love that button! It's just too pretty. I can't believe how quickly you are cranking out *knitted* hats... I can keep up with you if I crochet, but knitted hats take me forever. And, the 90s had a lot of cool stuff, I think.

Happy belated birthday!

Beth said...

Wow! You're a mad, hat-knitting machine!!! Bravo.

hakucho said...

Happy belated birthday! More cute hats...oh my have been busy :)

smariek said...

You're on a roll with hats. That Pi Topper is really cute.