Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Pile of Hearts


This pictures should say it all. I made a pile of Hearts the last few days. I love the Heart Lace Cloth by Smariek, but I’ve done enough to last me another year, LOL.








As you can see, this cloth looks good in both solid, variegated, and stripes.  Most of these were made with I love this Cotton! except for the Red and Stripes. I’m done with Heart cloths for another year.


Our bunnies have been named. Meet:

Smoke and Bella.

So Aunt Kathy and KatKnit, send me your address and I will send you a small prize for helping us choose names. Which is harder than I care to admit. No one could decide on any one name, so it went to the parents to make the final decision three days later!



My January socks. I finished these on Jan 30. I was so happy. I used LB Sock-ease in either cotton candy or bubblegum or something like that. The ballband was lost. The pattern is Groovy. All I can say is that these are pretty comfortable and I still have half a skein of the sock yarn left. Fingerless mitts???


Here’s the top view. I like how the pattern stretches out when worn.


And the side. the heel is short row and quick. I like this heel the best.


And this is the yarn that will become my Heart Lace socks for Feb. I will cast on soon, as soon as I finish the next hat.  The pattern is written for circs, but I’m going to make them on DPN’s in a larger size needle too. Which means subtracting some stitches. I hope I can figure it out and don’t mess it up too bad. I can’t see working on size 0’s. I don’t even know if I have any!


That’s it for this update. I’m about dishclothed out, even though I still need to make one for a swap…after I finish the hat and cast on my socks!


Aunt Kathy said...

Wow... Smoke held up huh? I'll send you my address on Ravelry but I think you already have it.

Maries heart's are great. I want to make some myslef.

Timiae said...

Smoke is a great name.

You fly through those dishcloths! The pattern is pretty and I may have to make a few for love day gifts (wrapped around candy!).

The socks are really pretty.

Cat said...

Wow you sure have been knitting a lot of dishcloths. They are really pretty, I just love all the colors.


smariek said...

Happy to hear they're no longer nameless. Smoke and Bella are great names.

Lovely socks! And the color striping is nice. I love variegated yarns but never know how they'll end up looking after they're knitted up.

Holy cow, that's a lot of dishcloths. I bet you can do them in your sleep now! I think this pattern and the Papillon (butterfly) cloth work well with variegateds.

hakucho said...

All of your heart cloths are gorgeous! Your socks turned out great, too :)