Friday, January 30, 2009

More Hats

I really enjoy making hats. They are quick fun projects for me. Quicker than socks even.

I am struggling to get my socks done for Jan. But I still have 2 more days. I need to get off the computer and onto knitting to get them done. I only have about 2 more inches and the toe to do, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Unless I get sidetracked by something else…

The bunnies will be named on  Sunday, so if you have some suggestions and have not commented, do so now!


Onto the business of knitting! This hat is the Divine Hat. I crocheted it in a few hours. I like the look of it. I used I love this Yarn! and an H hook.


My second crocheted hat. This is the Nubby brim cloche (Rav pattern). I had to restart this one a few times. I went down a hook size the first time, and it fit my 10 month old perfectly. Then I went back up to the normal size, added too many increases and had to rip back. I’m not exactly sure how many increases I did, but I think I did 6 instead of 4. It’s a little big, but if I cinch the tie, it’s perfect!


And Stella.  This one was done in random acrylic yarn. It was a 3.5 oz skein. I still have some left over. This was fun to do as well. It’s just a rib of sorts so it’s very textured. I love the texture. the top is square. I didn’t follow the directions so I added a few extra rows, but I like it this way.


Here’s the swirly top. Nice huh? I might have to make a few more of these bad boys.

So that makes my total hat count for January 7. Way beyond my one a week goal. I could take most of Feb off and still be ahead. But I won’t do that since I already have another hat waiting to be cast on. I should try and wait until I finish my socks…

I also made this cowl: (Rav Pattern)


The Yarn was made for me by Dee. It was part of my SP12 package. It’s handspun and dyed alpaca. Super warm and comfy.  And maybe cowls will be my new obsession.


Because it doubles as a hat of sorts. You just pull it up, and viola! It’s loose enough that it won’t mess up the hair too much but it keeps the snow off and the wind out.

Ok then. I have  a bunch of cloths to show, but I really need to get on my socks. I would love to show them off and say that I completed them in Jan. I already have the yarn and pattern for Feb and I’m really anxious to cast on for those. I want them done by the 13th so I can wear them on my birthday.

So gotta go and get those socks done!


Aunt Kathy said...

I used to make a lot of hats. I need to get back to those. I ahve an idea in my head for an Easter Bunny hat, maybe I'll see if I can figure that one out. Probably not though

hakucho said...

Lots of great the cowl :)

Good luck naming your bunnies :)