Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, years?



Is he crying because of all the tangled yarn or because of our failing economy? Or maybe he's just hungry....

Random thoughts and things I found interesting this past week

  • The Duggars are on baby 18. They belong to a movement called the Quiverfull Movement. This movement does not allow for any form of birth control at all. I read a lot about this. It isn't for me. To each their own. As long as they can take care of their kids, fine.  But what is worrisome is that this movement comes from "Scripture" that children are a blessing from God and we should not deny His blessings.  Yeah, the Bible does say this but way back when child birth was a dangerous thing. If you survived and had lots of children, you were truly blessed. Now days there are crack whores having babies... is that God blessing her? Is that God blessing that poor child? I'm not so sure....
  • The Presidential Elections are a crock. Why? Who do I vote for? Which candidate is less corrupt? How do I decide which one is the lesser of two evils? Why has our government become so low and how did it get to this point? I guess power does corrupt!
  • My Wal-Mart is getting rid of Simply Soft yarn. I don't know why. It's sad, since I could get it there for $2.08 a skein. It's almost $4 at Michael's!
  • My local JoAnne's has become knitter friendly. They re-did the layout and the yarn selection is a lot bigger. They barely have any crochet hooks and a lot of the yarn is slightly "higher end" (for a non LYS big box store). They sell the big balls of Sugar N Cream and the Cuisine Colors! Yay!!!
  • My knitting apathy continues. I am trying to get things done for swap deadlines. It's hard when you're not loving what you do. And I've been frogging projects a lot. A lot.
  • What can I make with 154 yds of WW yarn? I received a skein in a swap, and can't find anything! It's slightly tweedy looking too.
  • I love looking at the Destash board on Ravelry. It seems like a lot of people want full price for their yarn, plus shipping. I can order a new skein from the supplier for a lot of the prices these people are asking. And reading the Naughty Swappers list is scary. I don't have money to be throwing to the wind. It's hard to believe people actually take money for items they never intend to send. Makes me want to NOT trade via Ravelry.
  • I have several hats in my queue. I hate hats. They make my head itch.
  • I have tons of scarves I want to make. I wear a scarf only if it's freezing out. And I mean blowing below 0 temps. Which happens maybe 2 or three times a year.
  • I like to knit socks. The wool makes my feet itch and sweat. I only wear socks when I have too.
  • Why is it that all the things I like to make I really have no use for? Or limited use? Hmmm....
  • I am on a swap hiatus until further notice. I still have to finish the swaps I am in. Three of them are due by the end of the month and the last one is due at the end of Nov. I will still do an occasional dishcloth swap since I can't possibly be expected to quit completely.
  • I really really want a set of Options nickel plated needles. But I don't really like circs all that much.  But it would be nice to have the right size needle despite if it's connected to a cable or not.
  • I have to use metal DPN's until my kids are a little older. My 2 yr old loves to break them. And he likes to pull my needles out of my projects. And he likes sticking my DPN's into the couch cushions. I'm still missing 3.


That's it for today. I'm going to go and try and get one Red Scarf done before the deadline. I need to mail in a week or so. Can I get 2 done? I doubt it!


Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah you can get 2 done, lol.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts! I'm with you on the first two... By that line of thought, every unfertilized egg is denying a potential blessing? Like you, to each his own and as long as they are able to care for them, it's their business! I'm a believer in God and love big families, though... I hope to have a big family one day.

For the second one... The lesser of two evils is still evil. That's all I have to say about that!

I hope you're having a great week! I have part of your handmade gift finished and am working on the rest...

~Color Swap Pal

Beth said...

I am so with you about the presidential elections. I don't feel good about voting for either candidate. If I could pick who I'd want for president, I'd want my Dad. He's honest and has good advice, knows how to listen to advisors. He knows the issues. My Dad is also a Mormon bishop which means he's in charge of the well-being of 156 families, organizing when people need financial assistance from the church, etc etc etc. It's a big job and he doesn't get paid - he has to do all the Bishop stuff in his spare time and it still gets done. That's the kind of person I would rather have running our country.

I'm such a Daddy's girl. :-)

hakucho said...

Your poor baby...he looks so unhappy. Sure hope he didn't stay that way too long!

I think I love knitting dish/wash cloths the best because they are so useful. ....and they do wear out. I'm starting to replace the ones I had been using. Everyone seems to appreciate them when I give the as gifts. Got to love them :)

Allison said...

I love my package! I need to take pictures and put them up on my blog :) Thanks so so much!!

Marti said...

You crack me up. I agree with you on the election and the economy.
I am missing some of my needles too. Kids love em!

Anonymous said...

Have you received the package yet?

~Color Swap Spoiler