Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September is Here!!

I have been meaning to post for days... but I wanted to finish a dishcloth so I could show you. Well, it's still in my bag, unfinished. So I will just have to show you what I have. Which is a lot.


Check these bad boys out. I Love This Yarn sportweight. It's called pink mocha or something like that. Very easy, and quick. It's a simple 2X2 rib with a gusseted thumb.


It's too hot for these!


My second Sunday  Market Shawl. Quick and easy. This is made with Sinfonia, 100% cotton. One skein is too small for me. I would need to cast on a bit more and use two skeins to make it worthwhile. But this is a gift, so I hope it works!


My first Special Olympics Scarf. I still need to add fringe. It's 2 strands on a P hook. I think I chained around 85-90 and did dc for 4 rows. It took less than an hour. It's thick and chunky and looks warm. I still have tons of yarn leftover, so I can make lots!


I made a basket out of Peaches N Creme. 2 balls of Potpourri. I had about an inch left to seam, and I ran out of  yarn. It's now sitting there while I decide what yarn to finish up. It's in the corner, on the bottom, so I think ecru would work. But my ecru is connected to another project right now...


My bath mitt with a tiny thumb. I should have done at least one more row of dc for the thumb, but I guess it works. It's going in the basket above as a swap. Along with some soap and other  cloths.  And some more stuff I have to make by Friday.

So have you ever had a deadline, and did not want to meet it? I have been trying to avoid making things for this swap...but I can't do that, can I? So yesterday I did the scarf as a quick break.

I have yarn for the Red Scarf Project. I am itching to get started on it. I have other things that need to go out. Too bad I can't knit in my sleep, LOL.  But then I get bored...knitters ADD.

I'm waiting on the box for Dishrag Tag. I'm somewhere in the middle, I think. I'm ready! How cool would it be to win this thing?


That's it for today. Hopefully be the end of the week I can show you some more stuff!


Aunt Kathy said...

Anita you sure have been busy. I still need the blue for the Special Olympics scarves.

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhhh!!!! The handwarmers are beautiful!! Are those mine? :) You've been very productive. I'm on my way to fill one of your wishes! samm

Daisy mum said...

The basket is an awesome idea to get rid of my stash and put my stash in. Thanks for the idea. Is it crochet? It looks like it is. What needle size did you use?

hakucho said...

I LOVE your Sunday Market Shawl...looks like it would be a fast knit :)

smariek said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love the colors in your Sunday Market Shawl.