Thursday, August 28, 2008

Proud...and not so proud moments

The Question of the week for SP 12 is to describe one of your proudest moments as a knitter, and then the flipside of that.

I think my proudest moment was when I actually finished my first project. I am self-taught. I learned by watching DVD's borrowed from the library. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a size 10 metal straights, and some nice soft white-ish acrylic. Then I sat down and found the Roman Stitch dishcloth. Which I made. It was kind of wonky, and not really useable (acrylic dishcloth?) but I was proud. I made my first knitted item! I looked at it, turned it over, and admired it some more. I was officially a knitter.

Of course, I had to find more patterns, and stuff that I cold make. So I cruised the Internet and found some dishcloth groups. Lots of them. I joined, knitted along on the rows and made some nice cloths. I struggled with one cloth that I had to frog 25 times, but I did it. I was accomplished!! Yay for me!

Along the way I made some mistakes. I decided to make a poncho for my infant son, since my house is drafty and it was cold. Easy right? Knit 2 rectangles and sew them together. Only it didn't quite happen that way. Well, it did, but I made it so small it would have fit a doll. My son could not wear it. I recently found it and put it on my 2 month old. It fit him just fine!  So my 1 year old poncho actually fit a 2 month old.

Now I recently tried to make a felted crocheted hook case. For some reason, it came out all loose at the top. I really don't think that it would hold any hooks since they would fall out the top. I'm not convinced that crocheting and felting go together...I love my felted bags that are knitted, but I washed that case at least 5 times and could STILL see the crochet stitches.

As far as knitting progress, I finished a Sunday Market Shawl and have started on one snuggle. It's boring and I don't really like making it, and yet I have another one to do. Maybe I will just power through it and get them both done this weekend.

I have been on a dishcloth extravaganza. I made 3 in one day! I will show pics after I have finished up 2 more. Maybe tomorrow. There will be pics, I swear!!

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Aunt Kathy said...

Great picture Anita of sleeping family, LOL

karla said...

cute! i see knitted items & yarn in the background!