Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Towel and a Dishcloth

I am seriously tired of trying to come up with interesting titles for my posts. I could just date them, but then I want to know what my post is today it's about a towel and a dishcloth. And the next SP12 question.

I am working on this towel for a gift. It's a secret. But she does not know it's for her, if she even reads this blog. So I can post pics and show that I have been knitting some...


It doesn't look too impressive here, but it is! I used the Vineyard cloth by Danielle Cote and doubled the pattern. I hope I have enough on the cone to complete it. I will probably do at least 6 repeats. What  you see here is 2 repeats. The dishcloth pattern calls for 3 repeats. If you do knit this up as  a dishcloth, use tiny needles, otherwise it will be HUGE. The cast on is around 50 stitches! I think I might dye it once it's done. If I get it done in enough time to dye it...


This is the dishcloth I completed as part of the Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong Ravelry group. It is the Grid dishcloth. Very quick and easy. I used my prize baby pink yarn I won. I know it doesn't look pink, but it is. Don't you love technology?


Here's another market bag I completed. It went very fast. I modified the pattern since I didn't understand the part with the handles so I just made some handles and used a button to attach them to the bag.  The handles are adjustable. I hope the buttons work out... It's a nice large roomy bag and I might make one for myself. I used 2 balls of hot pink and one ball of teal. It was just enough!

I am working on my 2 blankets still, as part of my July UFO project. I finally decided to cut the yarn on my mess of a tangled ball and it still took me all evening to untangle it. I now have 2 smaller balls of yarn that I can knit from, so it's all good. I hope to have it done by the 8th. Why the 8th?

Because it's the Ravelympics. I am  participating "unofficially". I am not signing up for any teams or even on the Ravelry thread, but choose to do it from the sidelines in my own way. I am non-competitive and I know it's not a competitive thing going on, but still. So I hope to have my UFO's done by the 8th so I can start on my own Ravelympics.

Here's the question of the week for SP 12:

 What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?     

If it's really hot and humid, I prefer NOT to cook, so it's Taco Bell!! If it's moderately bearable, I will make a nice filling salad. I love Mexican food !

So here's a nice Southwestern Salad you can whip up and enjoy.

You need lettuce, corn, chili beans, tortilla chips, chicken if you want more protein (you can get a Rotisserie  chicken and pull chunks of meat off, or I use the vegetarian Chik N Strips that are frozen and seasoned, YUM). All you do is dump everything together and mix it up a bit. You can add tomatoes, avocado. onion. I like to use the Spicy Ranch dressing, and a dallop of sour cream. It's tasty, filling, and fast!! I wish I had a picture to show...but you can imagine.

Ok that's it for today. I will update with more pics hopefully soon, and I will post about my Ravelympic challenge closer to the 8th. Have a great day!!!        

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Aunt Kathy said...

Mexican is my food of choice too

I like you struggle on blog titles, especially on contest months, geez.