Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Knittin'

I guess it's not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it. We did not get a spring to speak of around here. It went from cold to in between. One day I looked out the window,  and leaves were starting to bud. A day or two later, full fledged leaves!

This has put me in the mood for summer knittin. That and the simple fact that we have no clothes for summer. My poor daughter has to wear her PJ's half the day (I just think she really likes them, and is too lazy to change.) On my Ravelry queue is the Slice of Sweet halter top. I decided to make one for each of my girls. Here's the first one I got done today:


Isn't she cute? She loves the fact that she got the first one, and that it's pink. Here's the back view:


I made the neck a strap instead of a tie. It seems that ties always come undone. It's a bit big. I used an I hook and cotton WW. I though I would need it bigger, but I think I crochet VERY loosely. It only used up about 1.5 skeins of yarn, so very economical, especially since I got it on clearance.


This is the Mosaic Flower pattern from Lily's Kitchen Kolors booklet. I have been wanting to get it for ages. I love the look of mosaic, especially in these bright colors. The first one took me forever to make..maybe because I was easily sidetracked.

Here is another dishcloth I've finished. 032

It's Textured Stripe from Maile's website. You really can't see the detail, but it is rather large and black. I like the design on it.

028 030

This is the Rose dishcloth from wicketstitch. It's large too, but more long than wide. I like this pattern because it works on both sides. The top is the knit side, the bottom is the purl side. You can see that it looks good on both sides.

I have others, but no pics yet. I am working on a mini purse design. So far it's coming out great. I will show you the details when I am done.

And Hobby Lobby has a sale on Sinfonia this week! I was so excited when I saw the ad. Half off!! Sinfonia is 100% mercerized cotton in a DK weight. It tends to curl, but I love it. It normally runs at 4.99 a skein, so I've been waiting for this sale forever. I want to make my first Clap out of Sinfonia. I have the colorway all picked out. Hopefully it will be in stock when I get there. Also, needles are 40% off! So excited. I need some large needles with smaller cables. I hate trying to work with a small number of stitches on 32" cables, when all you really need is about 16".

The baby is growing like a weed. He smiles now. So sweet!! There really is nothing more precious than a baby smile aimed right at you. The whole world could be going to shit, but that smile will make it all seem ok. I hope you have some baby smiles in your day!

007 003

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