Friday, May 9, 2008

Swaps and Exchanges

I have become a swap/exchange fanatic. Seriously. I do several a month in the At My House Group, and join any swaps that I can. Thanks goodness I found about sp12 in time! I am so excited for that to happen, now I just have to stalk the blog and make sure I sign up on time.

I also started a "Going Green" swap on Ravelry. This one is interesting to me, since I have wanted to knit up a market bag for awhile, and I am learning a lot in that group. If you are interested, sign ups are today through the 23.

I joined the mini -purse swap. I had such fun with the Big Bag Kal and Swap, I thought this one would be right up my alley. I have been looking at bags, and have several in my queue, so this one should be fun.

So with all these swaps, I have been knitting like a crazy fool trying to get my cloths done for my other swaps. Here's a pic of what I have finished this week. If you are my partner, guess which one is yours!

Wave Pool

This is Wave Pool. Yeah, I'm not very creative since I used the exact color she used, but it works. I really like the texture of the cloth.


Another one from K1P1 Keeping You in Stitches Studio. How awesome is Maile that she can keep designing these cloths and post them for FREE??? for all of us cloth lovers? This is Wailele and Maile version 1.


When I went to HL this week, I decided that I would buy a skein of the stripes yarn. I used it before, but did not know which pattern it would look good with. This is the one I settled on: eloomanator's Diagonal cloth. Only available on Ravelry, I think. Nice, huh?

watering can

The Watering Can is from Oscarsdotter's web page.  027

I got the Daffodil pattern from there as well.  I used one skein of yarn for both cloths, but they somehow look  different here. Weird, technology!

Oh yeah, I also made a small bag, enough for a small project like a dishcloth or socks. It can hold a size 1 diaper too. 


This is Red Heart in Cherry Chip. I really like the colors, and how they kind of swirl around the bag. The top is closed with a chain that I slipped stitched into and weaved through the top eyelet holes. I like the way it turned out, though I wish I would have made some kind of strap to carry it. Maybe I can still add one.

My next project is a scarf: Holding Hands and Feeding Ducks, done in a purple Sinfonia. I found it on sale at half price, so snagged 3 skeins. I think I will also start on a few bags that were linked from the mini bag swap. No more dishcloths till next month!

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Malgosia (PastelMaiden) said...

Hi Anita, and thank you for posting the pictures of your beautiful and varied work! I had to smile when I read the title of your latest post -- for a moment, I though it said "Swaps and Challenges"! See, I've ever so slightly overcommitted myself on the swap front, too, getting panicky now... Big Grin! Keep knitting, have a lovely Sunday, Malgosia