Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pineapples, hotpads, and WIP's galore

Since the last post was just a picture of Plankton, I thought I would add some more Sponge Bob.

pineapple dishcloth

Here's his house: the Pineapple under the sea. Not really, but it IS a pineapple...dishcloth that is. This was a very quick and satisfying project. It kinda curls a little, guess it just needs to be blocked.

I also did this Crocheted Flower Hotpad. crochet flower  hotpad

I'm not sure I'll do another, since it was  hard to get the folds right, and just to figure out what I was doing. It doesn't look right in the pic, since I did not block it. And I threw it on the keyboard to get a quick shot of it. It will serve it's purpose, though.

Here's another lapghan I am working on, with my Yahoo group IloveKandCalongs. So far I'm liking this group, to keep me motivated to do projects besides just dishcloths. This is the Round Jacob's Ladder. Funny, I was thinking about doing the Jacob's Ladder when I read about it on another blog, and this was the chosen Cal. Round Jacob's Ladder

It's supposed to be a baby blanket, but I do not have baby colors, so it became a lapghan instead. I like the colors, and will probably gift it to some poor sap.

I'm having serious spring fever. The last week the temps were in the 60's, and it even reached 75 a few days ago. We took the kids for a short walk today. The little guy loved it so much he fell asleep and remained so until we got home. But I have casting on fever. I have been spending tons of time on Ravelry, looking at projects and seeing what I can make. It's become an addiction, I must admit.  What should I do next? Another bag, a nice light scarf, some socks? I can't decide, and so I keep looking. Wish I had tons of money to spend on yarn.

So I decided on this cute little bag. I may line it, if I get enough courage to do so. I don't really sew, though I have dabbled (poorly I might add) a few years ago. No sewing machine. How hard would it be to line a bag sans sewing machine? How much would it cost to pay someone to do it for me? Hmmm. Anyway, here's the bag:

knitted knitting bag

It's from the book bag style, but is a free download from  I am using Bernat chunky in a pink color on size 10 needles. I bought 3 skeins, but will probably use only 2. So far it's been fun, but I have to keep track of where I am so I don't get  confused and mess up the pattern.

I also am keeping up with the KAL from Monthlydishcloths. There was lots of chatter about confusion of the pattern. So you know I had to try it. So far, so good. I'm really liking this pattern. It's simple, yet interesting. The texture is going to be fabulous on dishes. Here's my cloth up to day 5:Mid March KAL day 5

I had 2 balls of sunshine yellow and white sitting around, that's why all my cotton items are in this color! I can't wait to try this in different colors, and see what the other group members have done with it.


I'm getting ready to send out my  Big Bag Swap to my partner, but I discovered after re-checking the requirements that I need to add at least $10 worth of yarn goodness to make the swap acceptable. Hmmm, so now what do I do? What would make a good gift? A pattern, some more yarn? Need to think about it, and get it in the mail ASAP!!

Well, have a nice day and hope you are getting as nice of weather as I am. Here's a pic of the budding trees in my neighborhood. Nice, huh? 008

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