Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dishcloths galore

Having instant internet access rocks!!! I hardly have time to knit anymore, since I've been online and watching TV (we got cable, too!) Amazing what a little technology does.

Here's the stuff I've done this weekend. I had to get something done, and the DW I knitted while Troy was on AMC last night. Now, how can Troy be an American Movie Classic already, since it's only been out for 4 years? Is it because it's epic, or truly a classic? I know it got poor reviews, but anything with a buff Brad Pitt and Eric Bana is good in my book. All you gotta do is turn the sound down, and put it on pause....Ok, I digress.

So here are the pics of the finished dishcloths. I need to get the Serafim shawl done before my MIL leaves after the baby is born, and hopefully his blanket too. But now I am eyeing crocheted slippers...why? I guess I like WIP's and UFO's. I love to spend a half hour untangling yarn my kids like to get into, I love losing the hooks or needles, or forgetting the patterns. I must just admit it, I have knitting ADD. It should truly be a disease, because I know I am not the only one suffering from it.

This is the March KAL from Monthly Dishcloths yahoo group. It's called the empty tomb. Can you see it? It's kinda hard to see, but I really like this cloth. We don't celebrate Easter because of the not so Christian traditions attached to it, but this cloth really tells the reason...the resurrection of Jesus. This was designed by Lindy, who is only 16. Wow, what a talent!

This is a simple ripple. Very quick and easy, I used a size G hook. It took about an hour or so.

This is one of my favorites. It's called the 2-way, or multidirectional cloth. It uses short rows to create the garter going the other way. You actually wind up a corner away from where you started.

Here's my 2nd DW cloth. The first one went to an exchange partner and was done in Lemon Lime, but I didn't stop to take a pic. My 15 yo son asked me why there were tiny B's. Funny, since this is the honeycomb stitch.

This is the Ladder Stitch designed by Briley. It looks like a crocheted version of the ballband, to me. If you did this in two colors, it would be brick-like. I like the design, and how fast it went. I added a crab stitch border. You really can't tell all that well from the pic, but it's got a fabulous texture. The pattern is located on the PnC website.

This is the February Mid-month KAL from Monthly Dishcloths. It 's called "Finders keepers". I made this with Red and Ecru. Nice for Valentine's Day. I really like this one, and it was very easy and quick to knit up. This would be good in team colors, holiday themed (green and white for St. Pat's Day!), or to honor your favorite cause (pink and white or pink for Breast Cancer).

As you can see, I have been keeping busy. I got a cone of Shades of Denim at Wal-Mart for only around $6.50, so a lot of my variegated designs are that color. Likewise with Ecru. I will get to the store soon, and pick up some different colors to try some different patterns.

Well. that's this weekend update. My two middle kids should be coming home either later tonight or tomorrow. I am anticipating their return, but am soaking up the peace while I still have it. I think my oldest daughter is getting antsy to have them home, though she won't admit it. She has not had a playmate in 2 weeks, except for the baby, and he doesn't follow the rules too well.

Oh yeah, I am working on socks. Slowly, but surely. Still on the cuff. I think I need my glasses updated, because every time I go to knit or crochet, I get extremely tired and have to take a nap. Weird, huh? But it seems more pronounced when I am working on small gauge, so I haven't been spending too much time on them.

Ok, that's about it. I'll show you more when I have more!


Amanda said...

All your dishcloths look great! You've been busy!

Lisa W. said...

holy moly! you are the queen of dishcloths! Those really look great...i don't know how you do it with FOUR kids!