Monday, January 7, 2008

It's been a long time...

And I have no pics to show. I have done tons of knitting, however. It's just very hard to try and write a blog post on a borrowed computer, especially when someone is trying to talk to you. I did try and update a few weeks ago, but somehow I lost the pics I had uploaded, then I said to heck with it, and now all you have is this substitute post. Sort of.

I decided to not make any resolutions. I haven't made any in years. I remember being a kid, and always resolving to stop biting my nails. Guess what? I still bite my nails!! Resolutions don't work! Not in my case anyway. So I have decided on tiny improvements that will either improve my quality of life, or make me a better person.

The first thing I have sworn to do is finish my 4 WIP's started in December. I'm not going any farther back than that. Those two afghans I have OTN are killling me, just thinking about doing anything with them. So I have 2 small afghans OTN and 2 scarves waiting to be finished. Fortunately, the afghans are from the book 7 day Afghans, so they are not too time consuming. I am almost finished with one, that I have been kniting like crazy on this past weekend. Then I'll work one of the scarves. One is halfway done, the other about a quarter....So once I get these 4 projects done, I will allow myself to buy more yarn.

There is however one tiny stipulation. I am allowed to buy a few balls of cotton in between. Sometimes we need the instant gratification of a quickly finished project to keep us motivated on the larger ones. Then I have to find a dishcloth pattern, maybe a Grandma's Favorite or the Entralac Dishcloth, or the Two way dishcloth. Those are my faves so far.

Ok, so right now as I am typing this, about 9:15 pm on Monday night, there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect until 10. I shouldn't be online right now! It's about 62 degrees out. So what's so special about this weird weather, especially for Northern Indiana, where the normal high for Jan is 31? On the first and second of Jan, we got nearly 2 feet of snow!!! No sign of any of that snow now. I wish I would have taken a picture, because you really have to see it to believe it. The world was blanketed in white. It was quiet, and somehow serene, even in the city. All that is gone, as thunder rumbles overhead. The snow melted on Sunday, and it won't get cold again for another day.

What a weird winter!!!

So I have 11 more weeks before this baby is due. I have lots of knitting planned, but I want some lighter yarn. He will be an early spring baby, no heavy blankets! I will get started soon, hopefully. My cousin had her baby today. He weighed in at 7lbs, 15 oz. Not a bad size. This is her sixth, and last kid. Poor lady, she has 5 boys, and one girl. I am looking forward to the birth, but am enjoying my "free" time I have right now. I know once he comes, it will be nursing, changing diapers, feeding the other kids, more nursing, etc. All you mothers know how it is. I really have to get some knitting in before March. Who knows, maybe I will master the art of nursing and knitting all at once. I'm sure others have.

I will post pics of my FO's soon. I have most of them on a memory stick, so the hard part is just writing down what I have done. That might be a very boring post! I have updated my Ravelry, so if you really want to see, go check out my Ravelry page: AnitaO.

Have a good week...

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