Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Needle Cases, Bath Mitts, and Stormy Skies

How many of you have been to Brian's blog: Brileyknits ? He is super talented, funny, and sneaky. Sneaky?

He made some bath puppets for my kids...and he posted on his blog about them. And I left a comment on how cute they are...and they arrived in the mail for me (them) today!! I just laughed and laughed when I unwrapped the green tissue paper and saw that cute little snake. I knew what was coming next... the frog, then the duck. My son, who is 2, loves them as much as I do. My girls were not at home, so they didn't get the joy of seeing them wrapped up, but I know they will be bugging me for baths later. Here's a few shots of my boy with the puppets.

I also got this absolutely gorgeous handmade needle case. It's beyond words, that's how fabulous it is. Did I mention how talented Brian is? He made it in my favorite colors, and I can't stop gushing about it. Someone slap me! Here's a few pics, with different views.

How sad is it that I have this beautiful case with hardly anything to put into it? Guess I gotta get more needles and notions.

Now, this isn't really knitting related, but I had to share these. Wait, it is knitting related. I was at my local knitting group, when the storm clouds rolled in. On the way home, the heavens opened. I could not see to drive, and even considered pulling over until the rain let up. But I got home, and snapped these. This is the sky after the storm.

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Christmas Angel said...

ROFL!! He told me about them WAY before he had them finished! It was sooo hard to keep quiet!! ROFL