Monday, June 4, 2007

Same ol, same ol....still no camera

You know, it's kinda boring not having pics to look at. You can't see my FO's or my WIP's. I will get batteries today, and post what I have done this past weekend.

I am doing 2 Shawls at once with my group, Shawls and Scarves ETC. The first one is a mystery shawl, the second one is Pacific Waves found on the Elann website. I am doing ok.

The Pacific Waves is killing me! It took me nearly all day to cast on and knit 2 rows, but it's because I'm a dolt! I don't read the suggestions very well, and it would have saved me hours! Anyway, after frogging my 541 CO stitches and doing half of the first row, I decided to mark every pattern repeat. This helped with counting the CO stitches as well. I should have done that to begin with!

So this morning, I decide to do another pattern repeat on my Mystery Shawl, and discover I have the same problem! Back to frog city. I hate frogging. It's a bunch of wasted time....

But I do learn from my mistakes. I guess that's why knitting is becoming more of a process for me. I was, at first, just trying to get my stuff done. But now I am just trying to learn, taking time and enjoying my knitting come to life. It's not hurry up for the end product, though that is nice and comes with a great sense of accomplishment. It is now more the process: choosing the yarn and or color, reading the pattern, casting on. Making sure all the stitches are there. If it becomes too much of a chore, I just put the knitting down and do something else for awhile.

So the lessons for this week: when casting on large amounts of stitches, make sure you mark the pattern repeats, or at least a predictable number! Read the suggestions in the pattern, and look at your work to see if it's coming along.

Sorry for the boring know how it is with no camera. I will post my pics later....

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