Friday, May 25, 2007

Panini, socks, and a new friend

Well, I've finished another cloth. It was on my to do list this week, and it's the only cloth I accomplished in getting done! (I had 4 I think). I hadn't planned on learning how to knit socks, which took up two whole days this week. So as far as my list goes, I've tried almost everything on the list, accomplished some, and haven't even started a few.

The cloth is called Panini, it comes from Maile from k1p1 Keeping You in Stitches, and I tell you this cloth was very stubborn and did not want to be knitted! I literally started this cloth on Sunday. I knitted the 7 border rows, got to row 4, and had to frog. I decided to start from scratch, since the moss border was kinda weird to me. I did that on Monday. I got to row 4 again, and had to frog. I didn't even know where I was. Has that ever happened to you? So I frogged back to the border, and tried again. This time, I was pretty frustrated, so I learned how to knit socks instead and the cloth sat on the needles for a day or two. I just looked at it, sad and forlorn day after day until I decided to knit it and finish it today. I had to frog back AGAIN!! but I stuck with it. I tinked back a row or two here and there, only when I got overconfident and missed 4 stitches, and when I got to the 4 border stitches, I had like 7 But now it's done, and it's beautiful. I knitted it with Cottontos (it's actually light blue) on size 6 needles.

I finished my first sock! It took me exactly 2 days!!! I am so proud of myself, I had my husband pat me on the back. How crazy am I? As I was knitting the sock and trying it on, it seemed awful large around the cuff. I thought it was sized for big feet since I was doing a tutorial without a pattern. But no, I went back and discovered I cast on too many stitches. I used a baby weight, not a sock weight, so I should have cast on about 20 or so stitches less. This sock will be the only sock in it's size. The poor sock. It's ok though, because I dropped a few stitches that I had to go back and fix, which didn't turn out great. I wouldn't wear this sock in public! Sorry sock...So I cast on the right amount of stitches (THAT very night, as soon as I finished sock one) and knit about 10 rows and put it down for the night. The next day, my dear dear son decides to pull out one of my needles and dropped stitches all over the place!!! Anyway, I am going to re-start that one. I'm just glad I hadn't put hours into it. Here's the pics of my finished alone sock.

Last of all, I have a new knitting friend who lives very close to me. I met her in my Monthly Dishcloths group, and her name is Kandi. I am so excited to have someone who shares in my hobby that lives so close! It's made my day. I'm going to put a link of her blog here so you can go visit. Hi Kandi!!!

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