Friday, March 30, 2007

Knitting Update

It's been 5 days since my last post, and more since i knitted anything worthwhile of taking a picture of. I have been knitting, though. I guess I have knitter's block, or something. I have been working on this dishcloth and have been unable to complete it. It has been at least 3 days now, maybe even 4. It was my intention to knit it up, post a pic, and start on something new. Funny how that goes, our intentions.

Anyway, after frogging the same row for the 20th time, I decided to give it a rest and try something without YO and K2tog. But it still didn't work for me. I had to give up and go to bed, (well, watch TV and not think about knitting). I'm going to pick up the needles today and try again. It is my goal to knit a dishcloth today!!

I also received the latest exchange package. It was awesome! I will post pics soon, maybe after I've done some actual knitting. This exchange was a "private" spring exchange (meaning, not hosted by the group, but open to everyone). It was really cool to get it. I can't wait to do more exchanges. It is so much fun knitting for others, but it is truly great to get that package in the mail. The mailman will hate me by the time it's all over!

I am going to knit bags. I want to try my hand at felting. I was considering trying to do them on the Knifty Knitter because it seems quicker...but I've discovered with anything but the simple stitches the KK takes way to long. I can knit up four rows in the time it takes to cast on the KK. Not to say it doesn't have its uses. They will come into play, but I'm setting that aside for now. Back to bags....yeah, I'm going to join the world of felting. I like bags. I like bags more than shoes. I am always looking at them in the store, and thinking about buying them, (if only I had the money!) So I've decided to take the plunge and go ahead and do it.

If I knew how expensive it was going to be to become a knitter, I may have had second thoughts. I've been doing mainly dishcloths because they are cheap and easy. Cotton is less than $2 a ball, compare to $5 wool or acrylic blend. I have big plans for OTN projects, but I don't have the money to buy the yarn (:( I guess that's ok, because my husband would kill me if I bought everything I wanted. I do plan on doing a cable throw, and possibly a few ponchos. MY MIL is a very cold blooded person, and I know she'd go crazy over a poncho, so I was thinking of making her one. At least she would use it!

Well, looks like I'm all over the place with this blog today. Hope it makes sense. I'm going to knit a simple dishcloth with a butterfly pattern, kinda looks like an X. Hopefully, I will be able to post a pic this evening.

Keep knitting

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