Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dishcloth Exchange

I've just participated in my very first dishcloth exchange. This is what I got in the mail:

My partner, Joye from TN, sent me this wonderful package that I loved, loved, loved! It was like Christmas as a kid all over again. She really personalized this package, since in it was a knitting book for beginners, which I am!

Don't you just love this stitch marker? I really like the charm, which says I love knitting. Very well done.

The theme for the exchange was March, or St. Patty's Day. This cloth is very functional in that I can use it beyond the 17th. I love the design, and the dark green color. It has lots of texture, and it is beautiful!

I am glad I did the exchange, and I encourage you to do one if you haven't already. Knitters are really generous people. The exchange is very exciting, waiting for the mail daily for that special package.

I'd like to thank Joye for really enhancing this experience for me. The package was lovely, and I really really appreciate the thought that went into it. I can't wait to do more exchanges!

Thank you Joye!

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