Monday, March 29, 2010

Socks, test knitting, moving…again

I’ve been staying pretty busy. A lot of time has been spent on my new laptop. It’s nice, but distracting to say the least. I have managed to get some knitting done.

I wanted to try out Skew. I ordered yarn and needles. I got ready to cast on and discovered one of my needles was split right at the top. It’s impossible to knit with the yarn being grabbed and snagged like that.

A quick call to Knit Picks customer service and I had a new needle on the way. But what to do in the meantime? My fingers were itching to knit a pair of socks. I found this pattern on Ravelry, part of Sock Madness 4.


It’s called Simple Side to Side socks. I liked the idea of them. Knit flat, then seamed together. I got to try the afterthought heel too.

But it was tedious. It stayed OTN way too long. I saw some people finished in a day or two. It took me two weeks. Back and forth stockinette…not fun. Tedious. And the first sock took me nearly 1.5 hours to seam! Maybe because it was late and I was tired. The second sock only took me a half hour to seam.

So you knit a piece of fabric, then create a “split” in the yarn for an afterthought heel. The construction is truly unique. But it’s just too much seaming. I can barely get the socks on and they feel weird. And the yarn does nothing for the pattern. The sock looks inside out.

I will definitely not make these again. I saw some very nice projects. But not with the yarn I chose!

I also test knit a hat for Vicki of Simpleknits. It’s called Block Head (no link yet, but keep checking Rav) and it’s knit top down with no DPN’s. You start out on  straights, make a square, and then knit down. Very interesting construction and very fast to knit up. I had my son model it and he liked it! (Only in black). It’s more beanie than slouch and it only comes to the earlobes, but it’s cute.


Front view. I used Vanna’s Choice and knit per pattern, no mods on anything.


The top square, or block.


Side view. I’ll make the boy one for next year after summer. He won’t be able to hold onto it that long. And his style might change by then.

Here’s a pic of Skew in progress. At this point, I’m about halfway done with the foot section. As of this writing, I’m getting ready to finish up the heel and graft. Yay!! The yarn I’m using is Misti Alpaca Sock colorway Turkey Tail, number 17 I think. It’s very autumnal in color, but still vibrant.


Maybe in the next week you’ll see a finished pair. Maybe.

I’m moving again. This time to a nice house in a nice subdivision with sidewalks and big yards and lots of kids and no traffic. Yay!! It’s been scary living in this second floor apartment. My 3 year old has been caught hanging out the windows quite a few times. I think the fall could hurt him badly if not kill him. Nothing like seeing your kids hanging out the window to start a panic attack. Two more days!! And I’m just tired of having neighbors above, below, and to the side. It’s weird to hear someone walking above your head.

I’ll be pretty busy for the next few weeks as I unpack and sort through our mountain of clothes and get situated. I do have some summer/spring projects in mind that I would like to get started on. Hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon.

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