Sunday, October 11, 2009

FO finally!

I’ve been promising pics for months now of my finished stuff. One might begin to wonder if I’ve done any knitting at all….

Here’s proof finally.


the pattern is the Wonderful Wallaby (rav link). I love this pattern. I made one for my 2 yr old but still need to take pics. Sigh. But I liked it enough to make another for my 5 yr old. I made a size 6 out of RH in Spring Green. It’s acrylic, yes, but the fact that it belongs to a five year old is reason enough.

It is a little large on him, but that’s good. He will get more than one season out of this. And that’s good since I put so much work into it. This one took twice as long as the first one, and I am thinking about making the next one for myself. Of course, the girls want one too. They will have to wait.


The side view. The hood is absolutely huge and reminds me of those hoods in the movies the monks wear. It can totally cover his face. Maybe it will shrink some in the wash? Oh yeah, it’s not wool!

I still need to find and take pics of my socks that I’ve made. I need to go back and see the last ones I blogged about.

I’m still working on my September socks. Still on sock 1, but at least I turned the heel on that one. I messed up somewhere after the heel turn and need to go back and fix it.

We are getting all settled in. After a month of no TV, we finally got our cable hooked up. Yay!! And we are back online too, with a decent cable connection. (DSL is for the birds. Or if you really don’t want to surf the net. Or you have hours to wait while pages load…)

I did not knit a stitch in 3 days. Unpacking, cleaning, and waaay to tired to do anything. But it’s nice that things are settling down and we are getting back into a routine. I only have the 2  young boys at home, so I plan on getting more knitting done (naptime!!) and catching up on my sock goals. I don’t want to get too far behind. Still need to finish my June socks and complete my Sept pair. I think Oct will go fairly quick so I’m not worried about that. Wow, that’s a lot of sock knitting. Better get going!

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Timiae said...

Glad to hear that everything is settling in and going well now. I love the WW sweater... will have to see about getting the pattern!