Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Addiction

Well, I've discovered something else to do. Not that knitting is totally addicting...but I've gotten a tad bored with JUST dishcloths, and knitting bigger projects seem to bore me. I get distracted by doing the same pattern for oh say 200 stitches across. I want to knit more, bigger, better things, but I'm not quite good enough yet. I still struggle with some of the dishcloth patterns!

So I checked out a book at the library, hoping to get some ideas for some new patterns for dishcloths. The book I checked out was called 7-Day Afghans. Right up my alley! Quick and easy. Intermingled in the book were knitting and crocheting patterns.

As a side note, I've become a knitting snob. I bought a Knifty Knitter round loom in February and used it a few times, even joined a few groups to learn new stitches. It seemed the round looms went quicker, but only on knitting stuff garter and in the round. Anything else seemed to take FOREVER! I discovered it was not any easier or quicker, and got the attitude that it was not REAL knitting. (Hence, the snob part). But I still own my KK, and still have a project on it! Anyway, I felt that about crochet, too. I was too good for crochet, blah blah blah. But it seems you can make some rally cool stuff with a crochet hook that you can't with a knitting needle.

Anyway, to make this excruciatingly long story just a tad shorter, in this book I checked out was an afghan made up of granny squares! Granny squares are just like dishcloths! They are quick and easy (though some are a tad bit harder) and when you've done about 500, you can make a really cool afghan or 2 or 3....Yeah, it's the perfect thing for a dishcloth knitter! Plus, you make these squares out of acrylic yarn, which is super inexpensive. Yeah, I'm really hyped up about this!

So I've started this blanket and have made about 25 squares. I've joined a group that exchanges squares....I am a granny square addict! Not another addiction. You should try it. Granny squares are fun and easy, they came in all shapes and sized, and you can make some really original and beautiful blankets (or coasters, or hot-pads, or bookmarks, or .....)

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