Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Bookmark KAL

Even though it's the 14th (already) I finally got my March bookmark KAL done. It took forever. I had to start over about 5 times, and I've done several rows repeatedly. One thing about lace: you really have to pay attention, with all the yo and K2tog!

Anyway, it was really fun to make, especially once I got a feel for the pattern (sadly, it was about my 5th repeat). I'm doing another one, and hopefully it will be done by the 16th so I can start on the mid-month KAL!
I really like the bookmark KAL group, and I encourage all of you who want to try lace and stuff to join. The bookmarks are small, so the projects are manageable. And RaAnn, the host, is awesome!

So, here's the pic of my bookmark. I made it using Paton's grace, some light green color, and it was really easy to work with. I just bought some crochet cotton #10, so I'll be able to make a comparison. But grace was very easy, kinda expensive compared to crochet cotton, but maybe worth the price!

By the way, it has not been blocked or anything, and I'm sadly using a camcorder for a camera right now. It really does not give the bookmark justice!


LDSVenus said...

Very pretty bookmark, your's is done before mine ;P, I havent even started yet, I'm soooo bad this month.

Cafe Ole said...

Great blog! Don't worry about the pictures, they look great! I haven't done the bookmark either, you did a great job on it, now I am inspired to finish it.
Thanks for sharing!
Lilly in Dallas

Anita O said...

You guys are too kind! Thanks for the great comments.